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How much does a dress cost?

In order to give you a price, both for the wedding dress and for the guest, we have  to know what kind of dress you want. It will always depend on the materials that we are going to use and  the working hours they have.  To be able to give you a more specific budget, call us  without obligation to make an appointment and thus be able to explain ourselves  what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to come  we're  looking forward to meeting you!

How much time in advance do I have to start?

For brides, we usually  order between 1 year and 6  months in advance. For a guest, between 6 and 4 months. Those who do not have these times, just in case call us to ask availability :)

Do you make accessories?

we always help you  to choose all the accessories to complete your look, and if necessary, we would design the  shoes and accessories to your liking.

How is the proccess?

most of  we make the dresses  made to measure, from the design to the last stitch. The process consists of 5 tests, starting with the "toile" test, in which we begin to see what the pattern of your dress will be in a cotton fabric.
After each test we will make decisions for the next one, and in this way we will develop your dress, with you being very involved in all the decision-making and the evolution of your dress. It is a process in which you enjoy a lot and we are
  sure that it will be an unforgettable experience.

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